Saudi Arabia suspends the work of the “Syrian Negotiating Committee” employees until their work resumes


Saudi Arabia suspends the work of employees

Saudi Arabia suspended the work of the employees of the Syrian Negotiating Committee in Riyadh starting from the end of this month, amid disputes within the body consisting of a group of Syrian opposition forces

According to a letter sent by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the “Negotiating Commission for the Forces of the Syrian Revolution and the Opposition,” the decision comes “in light of the continued suspension of the work of the Syrian negotiating body, as it has been decided to suspend the work of the body’s employees at the end of this month.” And according to a picture circulated about the book.

At the conclusion of its book, the ministry expressed its hope that “the esteemed body would be informed and take the necessary measures regarding that.”

Saudi Arabia suspends the work of employees

It is noteworthy that differences surfaced recently between the components of the commission, which has been engaged in negotiations for months with the Damascus government on drafting a new constitution for the country.

The differences were evident in the letter sent by the “National Coordination Committee” and the platforms of Moscow and Cairo to the UN envoy to Syria Geir Pedersen.

The letter urged Pederson to “promptly intervene” to resolve disputes within the body, and to preserve the “Constitutional Committee.”

There was no official comment from the Saudi Foreign Ministry yet.

Representatives of the Moscow and Cairo platforms held a meeting this afternoon with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The Qasiyon newspaper, published by the Popular Will Party, reported that the opposition representatives presented “the current status of the Constitutional Committee, as well as the situation within the Syrian negotiating body” and the attempts of some parties to disrupt its work. By practicing the mentality of the leading party within it, “according to the newspaper’s expressions.

Source: RT


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