Saudi Arabia suspends the activities of the Negotiating Committee … until disputes are resolved


Representatives from the Moscow and Cairo platforms met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow on Thursday, to discuss the political process in Syria and the differences within the opposition negotiating body, at a time when Saudi Arabia sent a letter to the commission informing it to stop the activities of its office in Riyadh until these differences are resolved.

The Moscow and Cairo platforms, in addition to the National Coordination Commission, which are forces of the Syrian opposition, sent a letter, on December 13, 2021, to both the international envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen, and the foreign ministries in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, informing them of the rejection of the decision. The Negotiating Committee replaced the representatives of the Cairo and Moscow platform in the Commission and the Constitutional Committee, and presented what the letter said were violations within the negotiating body caused by the National Coalition bloc.

Saudi Arabia's message to the negotiating body
In a letter sent by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Commission, it was stated that the ministry is awaiting an opinion on what was stated in the letter of the three objected components, while Al-Modon learned from an informed source that the memorandum was attached to the Commission’s notification that Riyadh has stopped supporting its office in the Saudi capital until an agreement is reached between The components of the negotiating body, which means freezing the work of the office.

The negotiating body, which was established in 2015, witnessed an expansion at the Riyadh-2 conference in 2017 with the joining of representatives from the Cairo and Moscow platforms and the negotiating body, in addition to eight independents. A meeting with her in the Saudi capital in 2019, which was rejected by the coalition and old independents who still maintain their membership in the commission.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt support the position of the Coordination Committee and the platforms of Moscow and Cairo, while Turkey and Qatar support the blocs that represent the coalition, the current military factions and independents, and while the Gulf reconciliation was expected to be reflected positively to push towards an agreement between the opposition blocs, the division within the Cairo platform came to spark a new disagreement.

It seems that this issue was the main file on the table of the meeting held by the Russian Foreign Minister on Thursday, with representatives of the Moscow and Cairo platforms in the Russian capital.

According to sources on the Moscow platform, “the meeting discussed the current status of the political process and the need to push for the full implementation of Resolution 2254. The representatives of the two platforms also presented the current status of the Constitutional Committee, as well as the situation within the Syrian negotiating body and the attempts of some parties to disrupt its work by practicing the mentality of the leading party within it.” Source.

The delegation consisted of the president of the Moscow platform, Qadri Jamil, the platform member Muhannad Deliqan, and Gamal Soliman, a representative of the Cairo platform, in addition to Khaled Al-Mahamid, a member of the Syrian Business Council, and a former member of the negotiating committee whose attempt to include him on the Cairo platform caused disagreements among its members.


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