Saudi Arabia suspends former officials and businessmen on charges of corruption


7 hours ago

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RIYADH: The Saudi authorities announced this evening, Thursday, the arrest of a group of former officials, including a minister plenipotentiary, a former ambassador, a general, a retired brigadier general, employees and businessmen, on charges of corruption.

The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority in Saudi Arabia said, in a statement this evening, Thursday, “The commission has initiated a number of criminal cases during the last period, and the legal procedures against its parties are being completed.”

The authority affirmed that it is continuing to implement what the system stipulates in the right of transgressors without complacency, and that it continues to monitor and control anyone who infringes on public money, or exploits the job to achieve his personal interest, or to harm the public interest and hold him accountable even after the end of his relationship with the job. The fact that the crimes of financial and administrative corruption are not subject to statute of limitations.

The authority drew attention to the fact that Article (16) of the Anti-Bribery Law provides for the exemption of the briber or mediator from the original and ancillary punishment if he informs the authorities.

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