Saudi Arabia: Seizing businessmen and bank employees involved in anonymous transfers of 3 billion dollars


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Saudi Supervisory and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) said, Wednesday, that its field investigations revealed the involvement of a number of bank employees in receiving bribes from forming gangs to conduct financial transfers outside the Kingdom of more than 11.5 billion riyals (more From 3 billion dollars).

The official Saudi Press Agency quoted an official source in the Supervision and Anti-Corruption Authority as saying that the authority, in cooperation with the Saudi Central Bank, began its procedures regarding the information available to it about the involvement of a number of bank employees in receiving bribes from a gang formation, consisting of a group of residents and businessmen, in exchange for depositing sums Anonymous cash transferred outside the Kingdom.

The source added to the agency that “by conducting field investigations and analyzing bank accounts of commercial entities and linking them to customs imports, it became clear that the anonymous cash deposited in the accounts of these commercial entities amounted to 11 billion and 590 million and 209 thousand and 169 riyals were transferred outside the Kingdom.”

The source confirmed the arrest of 5 residents on their way to a bank to deposit 9,784,268 (9,784 thousand and 268 riyals) in cash that they had in their possession.

Also, 7 businessmen, 12 bank employees, a non-commissioned officer in a district police, 5 citizens, and 2 residents were arrested for their involvement in the crimes of bribery, forgery, and exploiting their professional influence in illicit financial gain, commercial cover-up, and money laundering, according to what the agency reported. Saudi News.


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