Saudi Arabia records 213 new cases of Corona, compared to 198 recoveries


Saudi Arabia records 213 new cases of Corona, compared to 198 recoveries

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Today, Monday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced that it had recorded 213 new cases of Coronavirus infection “Covid-19”, with 198 people recovering from the disease.

The Ministry stated that the general number of confirmed infections with the emerging coronavirus that causes “Covid-19” has increased during the past 24 hours, by 213 cases, bringing the total number of registered infections in the country to the level of 366584, including 2092 active and 333 critical.

The index of daily infections with the Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia is relatively stable, as on January 21, it reached 212 cases, on January 22, 213, on January 23, 197, and on January 24, 186, after this outcome exceeded the threshold of 4 thousand in the summer of 2020.

The Ministry stated that 3 new deaths were reported due to the disease, bringing the death toll from the pandemic in Saudi Arabia to 6,355.

The daily death index also stabilized at a low level after it had declined significantly previously, and on January 21, 22 and 23, it reached 4 cases, and on January 24, 2 cases.

The Ministry also stated that the number of people recovering from “Covid-19” reached 358137, after 198 new cures were recorded.

On December 17, Saudi Arabia launched a mass vaccination campaign for the Kingdom’s population against Coronavirus infection, with a vaccine developed by the American “Pfizer” and the German “Biontech” Company.

Source: RT


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