Saudi Arabia: It is not valid to allow non-pilgrims to perform Tawaf in the Grand Mosque – Miscellaneous


Informed sources confirmed to the Saudi newspaper “Okaz” today, Saturday, that what has been circulated recently about permitting the performance of circumambulation in the Grand Mosque for non-pilgrims.

The sources indicated that the decision to allow is old with the onset of the new Corona virus pandemic, indicating that there is no drive behind what is transmitted through social media..

It is noteworthy that social networking sites have reported news that they have allowed the opening of the fire for the two non-performing pilgrims, as of Saturday dawn.

Since the first of November 2020, Saudi Arabia began allowing the performance of Umrah, visiting and prayers for citizens and residents from inside and outside the Kingdom, at a rate of 100 percent (20 thousand pilgrims / day, 60 thousand worshipers / day) of the capacity that takes into account the health precautionary measures of the Grand Mosque, and at 100 percent As well as from the absorptive capacity that takes into account the health precautionary measures of the Prophet’s Mosque.

In early March, Saudi Arabia temporarily suspended the performance of Umrah rituals as part of the unprecedented precautionary measures it took to limit the spread of the pandemic..

Those wishing to perform Umrah must submit a request through two applications via smartphones, the first of which is the “Tawakolna” application to ensure that the applicants are free from the new Corona virus, and another application is “Umrah” to record data and choose a date to perform Umrah or perform the prayer, and then obtain a permit allowing the performance of Umrah..



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