Saudi Arabia is promoting a new application that enables it to spy on citizens


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But this application, and other official Saudi applications, are the subject of controversy and questioning the fact that the Saudi regime is promoting.

The Saudi newspaper “Okaz” announced that a number of technicians in Saudi Arabia have launched a new local application known as the pingme application.

The application is based on instant messaging and chatting between Saudis, and it will be launched on the first of next February.

The newspaper claimed that this application will have the feature of encryption through each party, and no calls, messages, or personal photos were leaked.

It also will not share user data, which the activists denied, reminding users of system scandals in spying on secure applications.

Saudi exploitation

The Al Saud regime took advantage of the Corona pandemic and attempts to control it to enhance its programs aimed at spying on Saudi citizens.

The system has created two electronic applications, one of them “trust us” and the other “calm” for espionage and promoted among citizens and residents of the Kingdom to participate with them to confront the pandemic.

Soon, the citizens who were rushing, fearing the global pandemic, participated in an attempt to seek help from the authorities of their country.

However, technical experts warned about the danger of Saudi applications and the extent to which they penetrate phones and personal information.

Electronic applications

The application (Tawakolna) is the official application approved by the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom to limit the spread of the Corona virus, and it was developed by the National Information Center.

The application provides real-time and direct information about the number of cases of corona infection in the Kingdom, and it also helps in early detection of suspected cases in the event that symptoms of Corona appear on the user.

It allows citizens and residents to request forced exit permits during times of the curfew imposed on some cities and neighborhoods due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

As well as following up cases of exit requests during curfew, and alerting users in the event that they approach affected or isolated areas due to the outbreak of the epidemic in them.

Warnings from experts

As for the “Tatman” application, it is an electronic application affiliated with the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom and aims to enhance the commitment of all those who have been directed to health isolation and to continuously monitor their health status.

The application provides many different services for all users, such as booking an appointment for a Corona virus examination and other various services.

Technical experts warned of the danger of the Saudi regime’s means of spying on citizens and opponents as well.

The New Testament said: “Trust us” and “Tatman” are two spy apps that have been specially programmed to monitor the movement of citizens and access to their phones, messages, pictures, etc. (data is permitted).

The “New Testament” advised people to use two devices to maintain their privacy and information, a mobile phone in which government applications (only) are loaded, and the second for normal use and communication.


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