Saudi Arabia expects “excellent” relations with the United States and affirms that negotiations will continue on the Iranian nuclear deal


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                On Saturday, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud expressed his country's optimism regarding its relationship with the administration of US President Joe Biden, expecting it to be "excellent," adding that the Kingdom will continue negotiations with Washington regarding the Iranian nuclear deal.

                                    <p>In an interview with Al Arabiya, he said <strong>Saudi Foreign Minister</strong> Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud on Saturday that the Kingdom is optimistic that its relationship with the administration of the US President <strong>Of the bygones </strong>It would be "excellent," adding that it would continue negotiating with Washington regarding the Iran nuclear deal.

The minister expressed his optimism and said that solid historical ties have linked Saudi Arabia with the various American administrations, indicating that Riyadh will continue this with Biden.

Electoral promise to re-evaluate Washington’s relations with the Kingdom

Biden had pledged in his election campaign to reassess his country’s relations with the Kingdom, which he described in 2019 as a “pariah”, and said he would take a firmer stance on the human rights record in Saudi Arabia and the devastating war in Yemen.

Prince Faisal said that Riyadh will continue to consult with Washington on the Iran nuclear agreement concluded in 2015 between Iran and major international powers, from which the administration of former US President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018.

He added, “I think basically there will be … a consultation to reach a solid, strong agreement that can withstand time and also bear Iran’s non-compliance … so (there) will be strong monitoring factors that allow us to ensure the implementation of any agreement reached.”

Possible return to the nuclear deal

Biden had said that Washington would return to the agreement if Tehran resumed its strict commitment to it.

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies, including the UAE, out of concern about Iran’s ballistic missiles and its network of proxies in the region, have supported Trump’s maximum pressure campaign against Tehran, welcoming his decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

The Gulf states said that they should be included this time in any upcoming negotiations between the Biden administration and Iran on a new nuclear deal, in order to ensure that Iran’s missile capabilities and “destabilizing activity in the region are addressed.”

Prince Faisal affirmed the Kingdom’s position that reaching a peace agreement with Israel depends on the implementation of the Arab Peace Initiative.

France 24 / Reuters



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