Saudi Arabia announces its expectations about relations with the Biden administration


Saudi Arabia announces its expectations about relations with the Biden administration



Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan.

The Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, expressed his country’s optimism that its relations with the United States would be “excellent” in light of the start of the mandate of the new American president, Joe Biden.

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Al-Arabiya TV quoted Ibn Farhan as saying in an interview with her, today, Thursday: “We are optimistic about an excellent relationship with America under the Biden administration.”

The Saudi foreign minister considered that the appointments in the Biden administration indicate his understanding of the common files between the two countries. He also stressed that a historical relationship links Saudi Arabia with the United States. He explained, “We dealt excellently with administrations of Republicans and Democrats.”

He continued: “Our relationship with America is the relationship of our common institutions and interests that have not changed … We will consult with America regarding the agreement with Iran so that it has a strong foundation.”

As Ben Farhan predicted: “The Biden administration will find that our goals are common with regard to the situation in Yemen.”

Democrat Biden took office as the 46th US president on January 20, after winning the presidential elections over his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, whose relations between Riyadh and Washington during his presidency witnessed a tangible strengthening, especially in light of the unification of their positions on the Iranian file.

Source: “Al Arabiya” + agencies


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