Saudi Arabia and America in its new administration


In an interview broadcast by Al-Arabiya TV, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan touched on many important files in the region, chief among them the Saudi-American relations under the administration of US President Joe Biden, and the prince’s answers were as usual tight and clear.
The Prince, in his answers, helped the firmness and clarity of the policies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all important files. Saudi Arabia has nothing to hide. Its policies, decisions, and stances are all aimed at supporting stability in the region, supporting international peace and security, and rejecting expansion policies, imposing hegemony and influence, and interfering in the internal affairs of Arab countries. With a categorical rejection of terrorism and a designation of the fundamentalist group that supports it with terrorism, it not only condemned the result, but also condemned the roots and sources.
Saudi Arabia’s relations with the countries of the world are relations governed by interests while Saudi Arabia maintains its distinctive position with Islamic and Arab countries, so that it is considered a leading and pioneering country in this regard, and Saudi Arabia’s relations with America are long alliance relationships that extend for more than seven decades from the era of the founder King Abdulaziz until the reign of King Salman and the Crown Prince. His reign, Prince Mohammed, which was based on deep interests, continuous successes, and fruitful cooperation in many complex and influential historical moments throughout a long history.
The closest thing is the continuation of the relations of alliance and rapprochement, as matters have been in this direction for decades and with both republican and democratic administrations, and politics is not governed by slogans or ideologies, but rather is interest, as everyone knows, and Saudi Arabia was, is, and will be, a strong and influential country, not only in the region, but rather All over the world.
In recent years, the balance of power in the region and the world has changed, and Saudi Arabia has emerged to play larger roles than before to harmonize its great position with its multi-source power, and its role becomes commensurate with its capabilities in the position towards Iran and facing terrorism, as in energy markets, and some challenges have been imposed on it. This power emerges to reduce the evils of the opponents, and you can read the transformations that occurred in the Iranian file, for example. Matters for the Iranian regime are no longer the same as they were before. All the successes that the regime believed it had achieved previously are now on the line, and its policies and strategies are under the international microscope, The stage of indulgence that he enjoyed years ago has passed away from some of the major countries in the world.
The Arab countries in which Iran intervened are failed or quasi-failed states, from Iraq to Syria and from Lebanon to Yemen, and Saudi Arabia supports these countries to restore their stability and sovereignty over their lands and impose the state’s prestige without greed more than achieving its interests and those of its people is nothing more, and successes are achieved by soft power. In Iraq, the rough in Yemen, and every success achieved by an Arab country pours into the success of Saudi Arabia and reinforces the failure of the Iranian regime.
There is an international coalition intensively promoting that the Biden administration is just a third term for the Obama administration, and that it will return to the nuclear agreement with Iran without modification or alteration, and this alliance includes the International Socialist Left and the American liberal left with extremist political Islam groups and the Iranian regime and its loyalists, and this claim The statements of senior Biden administration officials deny him as well as facts and changes on the ground belie him. History does not repeat itself, and developments impose themselves on any decision-maker in the world.
If the Biden administration does not take into account the demands of the countries of the region from Iran, then the luck of any new agreement with Iran will not be better than the luck of the old one, but the Iranian regime must demonstrate a political approach that differs from its previous hostile policies, and not content itself with elastic terms about dialogue, reconciliation, or Similar to it is the adornment of a statement that has no effect in reality, as are the statements of the Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, who knows before others that this matter is not in his hands, and any Iranian commitment must be under strong international guarantees, because the Iranian regime does not abide by its agreements, This has been tried for four decades.
Politics is not stubbornness or blind insistence. Rather, it is taking, returning, understanding and exchanging common interests and goals and general goals, and only ideologues think that they are fixed beliefs or sacred things that do not change, and therefore they are broken, and from here differences in politics are the origin and not consensuses, and the strong are able to deal with both cases It is easy to disagree and agree if the goals and objectives are common, and they are also between Saudi Arabia and America.
Saudi Arabia is strong in itself and with its alliances, and it is a difficult number in all regional and international equations, politically, economically, militarily and culturally, and it supports stability, development, progress and prosperity. On the one hand, on the other hand, America is the most powerful country in the world, but rather the most powerful empire in history. It is better for the two countries and for the world to have the level of coordination and cooperation at its highest levels away from those with narrow outlooks or extremist currents from various sides.
The failure of the nuclear agreement with Iran was for objective reasons and realistic data, and it was not just fanaticism without reason or unjustified rejection, and therefore listening to the views of the countries of the region and taking into account their interests is the only guarantee for the success of any future agreement or any amendments to the previous one.
As the Saudi foreign minister said, “Saudi Arabia’s hand is always extended to peace,” not only in the Iranian file, but in all files in the region and the world, because this is a constant Saudi policy, and Saudi Arabia’s entry into the Yemen war was a reaction and necessity not a choice, and it succeeds day after day. In ending the crisis of the Yemeni people and the Yemeni state, the latest of which is the great success that took place after the implementation of the “Riyadh Agreement”, which can be built upon to shorten the duration of the crisis and build creative solutions that end chaos and terrorism and begin building a stable Yemeni state. Finally, the term of former US President Trump was a state that witnessed a significant increase in the level of cooperation between the two countries, Saudi Arabia and America, which could be developed and strengthened with the Biden administration.


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