Sandy leads the Egyptian trend with “Easy Today”, madam


Egyptian singer enjoyed Sandy With a strong start to her new album, after Trend topped Twitter in Egypt, and the most searched list on social networking sites, a few hours after the clip of her first song, “Ezik Al-Naharda,” was released, which was based on a new method of animation.

Sandy is the most searched for in Egypt

The clip “Ezik Al Naharda” achieved 108 thousand views in the first hours of its presentation on YouTube. The song was written by composer Tamer Hussein and composed by Aziz Al Shafei and Mix Hani Yaqoub and produced by Jalitch.

And Sandy relied on advertising for the new album on the same method that the Syrian star Asala used before launching her Gulf album “Don’t Receive”. The Egyptian singer removed all her photos and videos from her Instagram account, leaving it empty for a full 24 hours, and most of her followers thought that she would announce her retirement. Singing as she did before, but she returned and published a poster with only her picture and name, to make sure that she started promoting a new musical work.

Sandy sparked controversy during the past two days after she removed all the pictures from her Instagram page, which made some speculate about her retirement from singing and others speculated that the account was stolen, but it seems that it was part of the publicity for the new work that is scheduled to be released in the coming days, and it will be produced by a company. Glitch as seen in the poster.

It is noteworthy that Sandy’s last work was the album “Two in One” and included 8 songs with which he collaborated with a large number of music makers. They are: “Khashaba Theater” from the words of Osama Mehrez, composed by Muhammad Yahya and distributed by Amadeo, and “Remot Hayat” from the words of Osama Mahrez, and composed by Muhammad Yahya, the distribution of Diesel, and “a heroine in a novel” written by Osama Mehrez, composed by Alaa Al-Rawi, arranged by Hany Rabie, and “Kan Adi” from the words of Jamal Al-Khouli, composed by Sherif Ismail, and arranged by Hani Rabie.

“Print Al-Sheta” from the words of Salma Rasheed, composed by Haitham Nabil, distributed by Mo Al-Shaer, and “Black Bag” from the words of Muhammad Abu Al-Qasim, composed by Ahmed Brazili, distributed by Ahmed Abdel-Salam, and “Al-Rajalah died in the war” from the words and composed by Sandy, and distributed by Hany Yaqoub And “Two in One”, written by Ahmed Al-Maliki, composed by Muhammad Khalaf, and distributed by Hani Rabie.

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