Samsung unveils Galaxy SmartTag tracker


Samsung has introduced a small Bluetooth tool that you can use to locate lost items, just like the Tile devices, called the Galaxy SmartTag, and it starts shipping on January 29, for $ 30.

And like Apple’s Tile and AirTags, the device can be attached to keys, a case, or whatever else you want to track.

The Galaxy SmartTag uses Bluetooth to communicate with a nearby Samsung device, and the company has confirmed that a UWB supported version called the Galaxy SmartTag Plus is supposed to arrive later this year.

The UWB broadband release allows it to compete better with Apple’s AirTags, which is also expected to take advantage of the iPhone’s newer UWB capabilities.

The tracker is sold in two different colors, and works with any Galaxy device As long as the device is running Android 10 or later.

Device owners can then locate the lost item using the included tracking device via the SmartThings Find app.

This works similarly to Tile and low energy Bluetooth trackers, when the tracker is offline – meaning it is not connected to the Galaxy S21 or any other device – it sends a low energy Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby Galaxy devices.

When detected, the device sends nearby location information to the SmartThings Fine app so you can locate the item.

Samsung says: The user data in the SmartThings Find app is encrypted and securely protected, so your location and personal information are safe when you lose your device and use the app to search for it.

The app also offers a variety of locator tools, including the Notify me when it’s found option, as well as the Search Nearby and Ring tools.

And just like Tile, you can also use the device to locate the lost phone, in which case you press the Galaxy SmartTag button twice to receive an alert to help locate the lost phone.

And the sign can also be customized to do other things when you press it once, so you can easily turn on the lights or the TV when you get home.


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