Samsung prepares a surprise for its phone fans in 10 days


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Samsung prepares a surprise for its phone fans in 10 days. Today, Monday, January 4, 2021 08:45 am

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International press reports revealed that the South Korean company “Samsung” is preparing its first surprises for the year 2021 for all lovers of its phones.

Samsung released a video clip, showing its intention to unveil a new smartphone on January 14th.

Although the South Korean company has not announced the identity of the phone that will be announced, during its participation in the US Consumer Electronic Products Exhibition in Las Vegas, the specialized technical site “Engadget” confirmed that it will be the series “Galaxy S21” and “Galaxy S21” Ultra “and” Galaxy S21 Plus “.

These phones may also be next to the new Samsung “Galaxy Buds” headphones.

“Over the past year, mobile technology has taken center stage in everyday life as people work remotely and spend more time at home,” Samsung says in its invitation.

“The rapid transition to the mobile world first brings with it the need for devices that can transform everyday life into an extraordinary experience,” the South Korean company said.

Recent leaks have revealed the specifications of the expected “Galaxy S21” phones, and leaks of the pictures of the new phone have spread through the “Twitter” website, which reviewed the design of the phone from the front and back, as the phone appears in live images in action.

The leaks indicated that Samsung is offering new versions of the “Galaxy S21” series, with the “Exynos 2100” processor chip, or the “Snapdragon 888” chip, in the US and Korean market.

The leaks added that the new phone supports a random memory of 8 GB RAM.


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