Samir Sabry describes his meeting with Adel Imam after 47 years of “searching for a scandal.” Video


Artist Samir Sabry said that when he met the artist Adel Imam, 47 years after their participation in the movie “Searching for a Scandal”, he felt as if filming in the Maadi Club did not stop.

During the second part of his interview with the journalist Amr Al-Laithi in the “One of the People” program on Al-Hayat channel, Samir Sabry described the meeting with Adel Imam in the series “Valentino”, saying that they exchanged gaze and laughed and did not imagine that all those years had passed, and he mentioned him in the famous video “One of my friends.” Matarfoush “from the movie, and he was very happy to act with Adel Imam again after works such as” Soft Sex “,” The Portfolio With Me “,” Beware of the Line “, and” Half Hour of Passport ”

Samir Sabry also talked about the human scenes that he collected with the late artist Tahia Carioca, including what she told him one day about her desire to perform Umrah and have an eye operation in Saudi Arabia, and how he met on the evening of the same day at an embassy reception with someone who informed him that he was assigned by Prince Faisal , Son of King Fahd, to implement all requests of the need greeting, and it was.


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