Salem Al-Dossary .. the pride of the Saudi industry and the “Joker” attack in the Crescent


There is no problem in the absence of Carrillo, Gomes, Giovinco or the newcomer Vito … The biggest problem is in the absence of Salem Al Dossary. This is the slogan of Al Hilal fans this season in the Saudi League.

Salem Al-Dossary raised the slogan “Made in Saudi Arabia” and gave him great value this season. He emphasized that he is the pride of the local industry in Saudi football and that his brilliance in past seasons was not a coincidence and that maintaining his amazing level is not in doubt or question.

The 29-year-old has played 20 matches in Prince Mohammed bin Salman Saudi Professional Cup League Last season, he scored 4 goals and created 7 in addition to 20 chances for his fellow players, but he was not the best player of Hilal, but rather a number of his colleagues surpassed him in importance and decisiveness.

Al-Dossari rose strongly this season and Al Hilal compensated for the terrifying decline in the level of his foreigners, especially Andrei Carrillo, Sebastian Giovinco and even Buffettimbi Gomes, and the failure of the newcomer Luciano Vito at the required level.

The Saudi international played 11 games this season and was only missing by injury, scoring three goals and making a goal in addition to 21 chances for his fellow players, and he made 27 successful dribbles and shot 8 times on goal.

The importance of Al-Dossary in Hilal’s offensive system does not stop only at his skills, passes, and goals, but his remarkable ability to occupy all positions behind the attacker, whether the left or right wing or the player behind the striker .. in addition to his defensive role with distinction and assisting the team in quickly recovering the ball and implementing counter-pressure, as The player has managed to catch the ball 14 times this season, with a success rate of 87.5%.

The beautiful thing is that it not only possesses the technical and physical quality, but also the personal and mental traits appropriate for a team that always competes for all tournaments such as Al Hilal … a team that does not know satisfaction with a tie or honorable performance, which knows nothing but the language of winning, leading and winning titles.

Salem Al Dawsari GFX

Al-Dossari missed the Al-Ahly match in the previous round, which ended in a goalless draw, but he returned to Al-Taawon to lead Al-Hilal with a stunning performance to win two goals without a response, and the Sofa Score website gave him a rating of 8.2, especially as he played during the meeting in several centers.

The same site, and in its ranking for the Saudi League players according to its own evaluation, puts Al-Dosari ahead of many local and foreign players who cost their clubs millions and millions, as the player got a rating of 7.47.

Sports critic Mohammed Al-Khamis said on January 18, “Salem Al-Dossary, even if his level has recently declined, he is the most prominent player in Al-Hilal this season, even in the team’s participation in the AFC Champions League.”

He added, “The biggest beneficiaries of Al-Dossari’s brilliance are his comrades in the Al-Hilal offensive, and I clearly say that what the player presented this season was not presented by any foreign player in Al-Hilal.”

Al-Hilal currently tops the table by only 3 points from Al-Ahly and Al-Shabab, and is preparing to face Al-Faisali next Monday evening, and coach Razvan Lucescu is definitely counting on another perfect performance from Al-Dossary to return to Riyadh with full points.


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