Salah: I want to play for 95 minutes, and injuries have affected Liverpool!


Mohamed Salah talks about his constant desire to play and the impact of injuries and Corona virus on the Liverpool season.

Egyptian star Mohamed Salah confirmed the negative impact of injuries on his team, Liverpool, in the title competition Premier League For this season.

This came in a brief press interview with “beIN Sport”, during which he confirmed his constant desire to play and be on the stadium.

Salah said: “The injuries affected Liverpool like the rest of the teams,” Fabinho played as a central defender, but in the end we must deal with things and try to win everything as is the norm. If we focus on injuries, we will not give anything.

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He added: “The current situation is completely different due to the Corona virus, as playing without fans affects everyone, and everyone now has the same chance to win or lose matches.”

And he added about the competition: “All teams are close to each other, and talking about the champion is very early, I hope that we will be the champions again at the end.”

And he continued of his desire to always play: “I want to continue on the field throughout the match. I wish I played 95 minutes instead of the 90, but in the end the coach’s decision must be respected.”

It is worth noting that Mohamed Salah is currently the top scorer in the English Premier League with 13 goals after 17 rounds.


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