Saber Al-Rubai is preparing to release the song “Al-Atf”


Tunisian star prepares Saber Al-Roba’eTo put forward the clip of his new song “Al-Mataf”, written by Karim Al-Iraqi, and composed by musician Dr. Talal, and the distribution of music by Michel Fadel, supervised by Khaled Abu Munther, and directed by Walid Nassif, and the song was filmed in Beirut for three days, using the latest equipment and modern technology.

Saber Al-Rubai is betting on the song and clip “Al-Atf” and confirms that it is a work of art that he presents in a graceful manner, and that he chose this time to present the work in line with the cold of winter and the beautiful atmosphere, indicating that the melody included oriental musical tones full of vitality and an advanced artistic vision in the world of Arab music and singing, as usual. Musician Talal in all his artworks, and that the video clip for the song is an ongoing film that discusses a dramatic story.

The song “The Coat” is a new artistic work that carries many challenges in terms of singing and musical thought. The quartet grabs the spotlight, adding to its record of artistic success, so that the audience and lovers of distinguished art have a unique date with an excellent musical song.


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