Saad Samir: Mosimane is a smart coach … and I thank Al-Khatib for what he did with me


Saad Eddin Samir, defender of the first team of Al-Ahly club, expressed his happiness to return to participate in front of Sonideb, champion of Niger, after a long absence due to the injury that kept him out of the stadium for a long time, Which spanned an entire year.

He said in statements on Al-Ahly channel: “I am happy to be back in front of Sunideb. The injury I suffered was very difficult, and it took a long time in treatment, and today I was feeling happy and anxious.”

و :ضاف: “I thank the coaching staff led by Musimani, he spoke to me and told me that he will give me the matches that we resolve early in the coming period in order to prepare me, and today he told me the scenario of facing Sonidep, and that after advancing with two goals without a response, I will participate in the meeting, and thank God I participated and was assured of my level. “

The Al-Ahly defender praised Musimane in South Africa, saying:Musimani is close to the entire team. We at Al-Ahly are used to the big players playing a role, and he always talks to me, Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Ayman Ashraf, and I and Walid Suleiman. “

He continued: “He is discussing with us and takes our opinion, and tries to get close to all the players, and today he gave the opportunity to all absentees in the past period, and he works on the psychological side, as he is a smart coach and this is an advantage for him, and also his great experiences and the tournaments he achieved before that gave him experience in dealing with Players. “

Saad Samir thanked the board of directors of Al-Ahly Club, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, where he said: “I thank Al-Ahly, the board of directors, and al-Khatib personally, as he is always in touch with me and reassures me, as he deals with us as a father, other than that he is a club president and a legend.

Saad was keen to thank his fellow players, and to Mr. Abdel Hafeez, director of football, for his support during the injury period, wishing a speedy recovery to his teammates Mohamed Mahmoud and Mahmoud Metwally, Sure That this spirit is not alien to the Al-Ahly club, which always supports its children.

On the fact that Walid Suleiman left a penalty kick for his colleague Badr Bannon, Saad Samir explained that the duo Walid and Badr are among the elements that are good at taking penalty kicks, but there is a good spirit among all the players, so Walid Suleiman left the kick to Badr, praising the capabilities of the player, who became like the players The Egyptians.


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