Saad Lamjarred expresses his love for the Syrian artist, Mona Wasef


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The face of the artist Saad just becauseThrough the program “The Insider in Arabic”, a greeting to the able Mona Wasef, describing her as the best friend of all, and indicated that after his love for his mother, he has great love for her.He told the media, Elie Nakhleh, that his dream is to act with Mona Wasef, if she agreed, and he considered it an honor to play the role of his mother in his next series.He described “Just” the series produced by Ziad Choueiri as a wonderful series, through which he returns to acting after he presented in its beginnings a role in Ahlam Al Naseem, and revealed that his next series is not a comic at all and will not carry the name “Green Card” as previously announced by the producer Ziad Choueiri. last year.

Saad also denied that he knew the participation of an Egyptian star in the work, indicating that they had not yet entered the “casting” stage, but he returned and confirmed that the series will see the light by 80%.He explained that Saad had read the script of the work, but preferred not to talk about his character in the series and keep it as a surprise to his fans. At the conclusion of this part of his long meeting with “the insider in Arabic”, Saad talked about the friendship that arose between him and Tim Hassan The two always contacted on the phone but did not meet yet. Saad Taim described the young actor and indicated that he enjoyed all parts of his series “prestige”.

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