Russian source: Immunity of those recovering from “Covid-19” may protect them from the British surge


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Russian source: Immunology recovered from

Sputnik Aleksandr Astafiev

President of “Rus Potrip Nadzor” Anna Popova

The head of the Russian Consumer Rights Protection Agency (Ross Potrip Nadzor), Anna Popova, announced that the immunity that everyone who has recovered from the Corona virus has acquired will protect them from the British “Covid-19” mutation.

This was stated by her at the meeting of the Russian Coordination Council on combating the Corona virus. She added that the staff of the Russian “Victor” Center for Microbiology are still studying new strains of Corona virus.

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She said, “I can say that the scientific research program is being achieved according to schedule and in its full size. But the results of the first studies have shown that the immunity that was formed in a person after recovering from the disease” Covid-19 “, which was afflicted by the normal strain of the Corona virus, remains in him and resists the British mutation that It underwent some changes. ”

It is reported that the Russian “Victor” Center published, Monday, January 25, the first photograph in the world of the British mutation of the Corona virus.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda


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