Russia resumes air traffic with 4 countries, including an Arab country


Russia resumes air traffic with 4 countries, including an Arab country


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Today, Wednesday, Russia will resume civil aviation traffic with four countries, one of which is an Arab country. The flights had been suspended due to the emerging corona virus pandemic crisis.

Russia will resume air traffic with Finland, Vietnam, India and Qatar, according to the decision of the Russian Committee to Combat the Spread of the Coronavirus.

Russian airlines will now be able to operate flights to these countries as follows: Moscow – Hanoi (twice a week), Moscow – Delhi (twice a week), Moscow – Helsinki (twice a week), Saint Petersburg – Helsinki (twice a week) Moscow – Doha (three times a week).

For its part, the Russian carrier “Aeroflot” announced the resumption of flights in the four directions, and said that from January 28, it would launch flights to Finland (Moscow – Helsinki).

Singapore Airlines also announced the resumption of flights to Moscow, after a break of nearly 10 months.

Regarding the impact of the appeal decision on tourism movement from Russia to these countries, Dmitry Gorin, Vice President of the Federation of Tourism Organization Regulators in Russia, ruled out that this would contribute to an increase in the flow of tourists, and said that it is not possible after entering these countries for the purpose of tourism, since these countries are still Restrictions are imposed on the entry of foreigners.

Since last August, Russia began to gradually resume air traffic with other countries. As flights have resumed with Turkey, Tanzania, Switzerland, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Serbia, South Korea, Japan, Ethiopia, Finland, Vietnam, India, Qatar, Cuba, Seychelles and the Maldives.

Source: Novosti


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