Russia reduces 19% of its investments in US bonds


Russia reduced its investment in US government bonds in November of last year by 19.2 percent, to $ 4.968 billion.

According to data from the US Treasury – according to the Russian “Novosti” news agency on Wednesday – that short-term bonds in the Russian portfolio amounted to 3.4 billion dollars, and long-term bonds amounted to 1.568 billion dollars. Russia is not among the largest debt holders of the United States, its $ 96 billion in investment previously began to decline sharply in 2018.

Japan remains first in the list of the largest holders of US debt. Its investment in a month decreased by $ 9 billion to $ 1.26 trillion. China comes second with $ 1.063 trillion (an increase of $ 9 billion), followed by Britain ($ 420.3 billion), which reduced the size of bonds on its balance sheet by $ 22.5 billion.

In contrast, Russia’s international reserves of gold and foreign currencies rose to about $ 600 billion, close to the record high last summer of $ 600.7 billion.

According to recent data from the Russian Central Bank, reserves increased for the period from December 25, 2020 to January 1, 2021, from $ 592.4 billion to $ 597.4 billion, by $ 5 billion within a week.

Russia’s international reserves consist of gold, foreign exchange, special drawing rights, and reserves in the International Monetary Fund, which are highly liquid foreign assets held by the Central Bank and the Russian government.

And last week, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stressed that one of the main challenges facing the Russian economy in the future is changes in the global energy balance.

“Among the global challenges we see, for example, the beginning of the restructuring of the global energy balance … And although oil and gas will play an important role in it for a long time to come, it is not,” Mishustin said, in a video message addressed to the participants in the “Gaidar” forum currently held in Moscow One can ignore the shift in the global economic system. This is, in fact, a serious challenge for our economy ».

He added – in statements reported by “Russia Today” channel – that the Russian government includes in its development strategy the ability to respond quickly to new challenges that may arise in the next ten years, stressing the importance of changing the structure of the Russian economic system to make it more diversified. With regard to the Gaidar Forum, the Prime Minister indicated that many interesting ideas and proposals are usually heard in the forum; Where experts and officials exchange new proposals and solutions.

The Gaidar Forum was held this year on January 14 and 15, at a time when the world and Russia are under pressure due to the Corona virus crisis. The Forum is considered a pivotal political and economic event in the life of Russia. As experts and officials exchange different opinions and experiences through this platform.


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