Robert Saleh … the first Muslim coach in the history of the NFL


Robert Saleh … the first Muslim coach in NFL history

Saturday – 3 Jumada II 1442 AH – January 16, 2021 AD

American football coach Robert Saleh (US media)

New York: “Middle East Online”

The New York Jets announced that it is appointing San Francisco’s defensive coach Robert Saleh as the team’s main coach, in a move that makes him the first Muslim to assume the main coaching responsibility for a team in NFL history.
Saleh, 41, has been on the coaching staff of the San Francisco team since 2017. Before that, he also worked as part of several other teams in a NFL training process that began 16 years ago.
The New York Jets sacked Adam Gas, their main coach, after the defeat to the New England Patriots, according to what was reported by the BBC.
Gates said he “agreed in principle” for Saleh to take over. “Saleh will become Gates’ 20th coach,” he wrote on his website.
The American Arab Committee Against Discrimination, a civil rights group, said that Saleh will be the third Arab-American coach in the NFL, but he will be the first Muslim coach ever.


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