Retaliation against Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain in the manner of Sisi


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News and reports indicate that the Egyptian president, especially after the recent meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia, has decided to get closer to Turkey than before.


While the most important dispute between Egypt and Turkey is the Libyan file, evidence shows that Sisi’s desire to approach Erdogan is too strong to be an obstacle to rapprochement between the two countries. Of course, this expression of desire is more about changing the situation in the region than anything else. Sisi had recently drawn extremely dangerous red lines with his personal presence on the western border of his country to bring the Turks closer to Egypt in Libya.

The recent meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council and ignoring Egypt has now turned into Sisi’s anger at the Arab brothers. The anger is so overwhelming that Sisi, despite the strong ideological differences with Turkey, chose to approach Erdogan to avenge his unfaithful Arab brothers, and to some extent offset the costs of her standing up for three and a half years with Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain against Qatar.

In fact, Egypt has proven its brothers to Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain in the issue of the blockade of Qatar. However, the rapprochement of these three countries with Qatar without taking Egypt into consideration has cost Sisi so dearly that knowing that Turkey has links with the Muslim Brotherhood, Sisi’s biggest rival, and that it did not support him in the attempted coup against the late President Morsi, but despite this he insisted on falling into the arms of Turkey, with the aim of avenging his three treacherous brothers, and putting the Libyan file on the table to show his good intentions.

Sisi’s love for the Turks and the Turkish embrace of him and their openness to him showed once again that the claims of adherence to the ideology of some countries do not go beyond the limits of their own interests, and in fact the ideology is only a tool to serve the interests no more.

Al-Sisi believes that when Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain, despite their long-standing hostility with the Brotherhood’s ideology, embrace Qatar that defends the Brotherhood, then why does Egypt miss this opportunity and not exploit its potential interests resulting from its approach to the Muslim Brotherhood Turkey?

It is also possible that Egypt, in light of its strategic approach to Turkey, will aspire to get rid of the attacks of the Qatari media, especially Al-Jazeera.

This proximity also shows that the main losers in the blockade of Qatar were the four countries that surrounded this country. Of course, it is not expected that in the near future these three countries will also line up behind the doors of Ankara to obtain permission to enter Turkey; And if Saudi Arabia has indeed lit the torch for relations with Turkey and sent its foreign minister about a month ago to Niger to kiss the hand of the Turkish foreign minister.


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