Reports reveal the real reason for Zamalek’s decline in selling Mostafa Mohamed to Saint-Etienne


The French “But Football Club” network revealed the real reason behind Zamalek’s withdrawal from its previous agreement with Saint-Etienne, regarding the departure Mustafa Mohammed In the current winter Mercato.

And there was an agreement, according to what sources inside Saint-Etienne confirmed to “tournaments”, and only what was left was to settle the method of payment with Zamalek, and then this week Mustafa Mohamed signed the contract with the French team.

But the negotiations collapsed, and according to the French reports yesterday, Wednesday, and the statements of Zamalek officials, the reason was Saint Etienne’s desire to pay the value of the deal 5 million dollars twice, which was rejected by the White

Zamalek asked Saint-Etienne officials to obtain the full value of the deal this month, until the sale of Mustafa Mohamed is approved and signed a contract for a period of 4 and a half years, as stipulated in the prior agreement between the two clubs.

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Saint Etienne

According to the French network, the real reason behind Zamalek’s desire to obtain the full value of the deal from one time without installments is the fear of the economic situation that Saint-Etienne is suffering recently.

Zamalek is afraid of the grinding financial crisis that Saint-Etienne is suffering from, and his inability to pay the remaining value of the deal, which is 2.5 million euros, next year.

There are problems with the balances of Saint-Etienne and thus poetry Zamalek Very anxious, especially since the French club was waiting for some returns from the television broadcast of the French League, but there was a failure by the “Media Pro” company, which carries the local championship.

This is why Saint-Etienne asked Zamalek officials to pay the sum in two installments, but the French club will not give up, according to the news network, and will continue to try to persuade officials in Zamalek to include Mustafa Mohamed.


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