“Reno4” from “OPPO” offers smart protection from spying | technology


The Chinese company “OPPO” focused on its Reno4 phone on the benefits of security and privacy, in addition to these advantages in the user interface (ColorOS) of its own based on the “Android” system, the company provided the phone with a new smart sensor.

The company says that it wanted to make the Reno4 series of phones more secure and privacy, so OPPO included a new smart sensor in its phones called (AI-Enhanced smart sensor), known as (AON).

The new sensor relies on the latest artificial intelligence technology to protect users’ privacy and improve the experience of using OPPO phones from the (Reno4) series.

The smart sensor enables the activation of the “Smart Spy Protection” feature in the phone, as the sensor uses the front camera and face recognition algorithms; To find out if a stranger is spying on your phone.

This means that if you receive a notification and the front camera detects someone else’s face next to you looking at the phone screen, the notification content will be hidden automatically to protect your privacy.

This sensor also enables the activation of the (Smart AirControl) feature, which enables you to answer phone calls through hand gestures without touching the phone when your hands are wet or dirty, or swiping your finger to view content through social media applications with just a hand movement.

And when you want to activate the anti-peeping feature on the Oppo Reno4, you must first register your face so that your phone’s camera recognizes that you are the phone’s owner.


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