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The Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases Control in Germany said today (Thursday, January 14, 2021) that health offices in Germany recorded 1244 new deaths due to infection with the virus within 24 hours, in addition to 25 thousand and 164 new cases.

And a state of uncertainty loomed early Thursday morning over the numbers of deaths due to infection with the virus that the Robert Koch Institute records daily in Germany.

And this appeared in that the page known as the “Robert Koch Institute Dashboard” – a page that displays an overview of the numbers of infection cases – presented this morning the arrival of deaths due to infection with the virus that the institute recorded within 24 hours, a total of 1244 deaths. But then for some time some values ​​and numbers disappeared from the site – among them the numbers of these deaths.

It is noteworthy that the highest record level of deaths from the Coronavirus in Germany was reached earlier on January 8, with a total of 1,188 deaths. The highest level of new cases of HIV infection was recorded within one day on December 18, with a total of 33,777 cases.

Basically it is still a bit difficult at present to analyze the data; Given that Corona cases were discovered, registered, and communicated to the institute late in the New Year holidays.

The institute stated that the total number of Coronavirus infections since the start of the outbreak in Germany in the spring of last year reached one million and 978 thousand and 590 cases, and the total number of deaths reached 43,881 deaths. The number of people recovering from the virus in Germany reached about one million and 620 thousand and 200 people.

For his part, the head of the German “Robert Koch” Institute appealed to citizens in his country to dispense with unnecessary travel in light of the new types of the emerging corona virus. “If you do not have to, then you should not travel at the moment,” said Lothar Feller in the capital, Berlin. “He pointed out that all the recently known cases that have been confirmed to be infected with the species.
The new mutated from Corona was brought by travelers to Germany. He added that he could not yet estimate the extent of the impact of these mutated species on the situation in Germany, and said: “But they could spread here as well and lead to more cases in less time.” It is important to constantly adhere to the measures
And prevention measures.

The economy shrinks due to Corona

In another context, the Federal Bureau of Statistics announced today, Thursday, that the German economy contracted by 5% in 2020 in light of the Corona crisis, compared to the previous year. The Corona crisis thus had a major impact on the German economy, the largest economic power in Europe, and brought it into one of the worst recessions in the post-World War II period, and created deep gaps in the national budget. It is noteworthy that the gross domestic product in Germany had shrunk by 5.7% in the global economic crisis in 2009

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