Real Madrid News: Zidane blames the cruelty of nature … and calls for forgetting what happened


Zinedine Zidane – Real Madrid – La Liga

Sport 360 – voiced by Zinedine Zidane, coach Real Madrid, About his dissatisfaction with the holding of his team’s match against Osasuna, in the eighteenth round of matches Spanish League ChampionshipDespite the bad weather and the continued snowfall throughout this season.

Real Madrid and Osasuna tied without goals in a match affected by the bad weather, which prompted Zinedine Zidane to express his anger at not postponing the match, especially since the pitch was not ready to play football.

Zidane’s statements after Real Madrid and Osasuna drew:

Zidane said, “We did our best, but the conditions are very difficult and bad. We do not know until we will return to Madrid, today or tomorrow. We have to forget what happened today, and really think about the match on Wednesday.”

He added: “There are no excuses, but the conditions are not ready to play the match. Today’s match was supposed to be postponed. Today we did not play football, but we had to bear that.”

And he added, “The stadium did not have the full powers to play such a match. I know that many people like to watch this sport, but the atmosphere was not ready for that, and it should have been postponed.”

The Real Madrid plane had been delayed for about 4 hours, which angered the players, because they were supposed to reach Pamplona in just 45 minutes, not 4 hours.

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