Ready to be the first recipient of the Corona vaccine


Lebanon – The Lebanese artist, Ragheb Alama, changed his position rejecting the Corona virus vaccine, and announced his readiness to be the first recipient of it upon his arrival in Lebanon.

He justified a sign in a video clip of him through his official account on the “Twitter” site for social communication that “the emerging” Corona “virus is a frightening epidemic and we have to be on guard against it, and these days it has spread terribly.

And he added: “In the past, they said that the vaccine will be in the form of an electronic chip that they put in the body. It is natural that we refuse to take it and be afraid, and now international companies have launched an effective natural vaccine, so it is imperative that we take it at the first opportunity.”

Ragheb Alama also confirmed in another tweet, today, Saturday, that “the great spread of Corona in all countries of the world is frightening. Some do not feel symptoms, and some reach the point of danger. Yesterday, 5,400 Corona cases in Lebanon.

He added sarcastically that a friend of his, who is a doctor, said, “We have more chances of winning the lotto card than the possibility that Corona will not reach every home.”

Ragheb Alama had previously stated to Lebanon TV that the new Corona virus pandemic and the vaccine against it was a “dirty conspiracy,” as he described it.

It is noteworthy that the two Lebanese artists Haifa Wehbe and Maya Diab refused to receive the Corona virus vaccine, as well as the Syrian artist, Nasreen Tafesh.

On the other hand, many Arab artists accepted the vaccine, the most recent of whom was the Saudi artist, Muhammad Abdo, and the Emirati artist, Hussein Al Jasmi.

Lebanon announced the seizure of 2 million doses of the “Pfizer” vaccine, sufficient for 20% of its citizens.

The Lebanese Minister of Health confirmed that the government adopted this decision “despite the dark and difficult conditions in which we live, with the aim of reaching social immunity, starting mid-February.”


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