Read later .. A new feature of WhatsApp – technology


The website “wabetainfo” revealed a new feature that WhatsApp is preparing to launch, called “Read Later”, or “Read Later”, which is a better alternative than the “Archived Chats” or “Archived Conversations” feature.

According to Al-Hurra, the new feature allows conversations that the user does not want to see their messages immediately after they reach the application, into another section called “Read Later”, where he can view them later.

The conversations chosen by the user will move to the new section without opening and without the sender showing the sign that the message has been read by the recipient.

The conversations placed in this section will also be distinguished by that they will not issue any written or audio alerts regarding any new message that appears in the conversation.

The messages can be browsed in “Read Later” which will be available in the “Chat” section at the top of the screen, next to “Status”, and calls.

The site indicated that the feature will be available for Android operating systems soon, without disclosing a specific site or about its launch in the iOS operating system.

It is reported that WhatsApp, a subsidiary of the parent company, Facebook, has been criticized in recent days.

The social media giant “Facebook” faced severe criticism over its policies regarding the privacy of its customers and the sharing of their data with advertising companies and even political advertisers.

While the company denied WhatsApp rumors about keeping users’ chats on its servers, except in specific cases, and confirmed that no one can see them.

The WhatsApp application said in a message received by all its subscribers that the privacy procedures do not affect the sharing of user information with Facebook, and a report by “Wired” stated that the last step intends to focus on the use of ads in the application, and that WhatsApp has, for years, shared its users’ information with Facebook.



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