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The picture offers a rich experience and a reading rich in connotations and interpretations, as well as any written prose, in addition to our belief in the fact that our era is the age of the image, with deliberation and taking the time to analyze the visual language of the image with the composition and framing of the expressive elements within it to start the narrative story with awareness of visual rhetoric!All this and most of what was raised by the pictures of the Crown Prince – may God preserve him – as he participates in a strategic dialogue session within the activities of the World Economic Forum in Al-Ula. The pictures show the Crown Prince, mediating the geography of fathers and grandfathers, furnishing the place with a tent surrounded by lofty mountains in front of it a “computer” and participating in a forum All this global economist decides for the fact of preserving authenticity and identity as well as harmony and consistency with humanity in its progress and development.

The announcement of the Line project came a few days ago, in amazing historical moments, this project is a dream that travels us through time with postmodern technologies in a world free of pollution that preserves the environment, a global demand due to what our planet suffers from the torments of industry and its carbon and radiation emissions.

One day later, this announcement corresponds to the crown prince’s sitting with the wisdom of the founding fathers and the pride of the hero surrounded by a great history, which is legacy, history, geography of the soul, and the memory of love, as if I were sending important messages to advance science and preserve our identity.

This image is an example of what the Saudi youth should be aware of while he is contemporary and working to draw the features of his modern civilization. The image / message warns not to go far in the direction of globalization and to be fascinated by Western models of culture, music, language and way of life far away there where the intellectual and civilizational alienation from his identity, and not also involve and imprison Himself and his thought in a past world that has its own statements and narratives that are appropriate for him and with which it is absolutely impossible to coexist in our present time.

We need to create a strong, balanced Saudi personality that goes to a clear and specific vision that is aware that it stands on a great legacy and heritage that we rely on and not rule us, and before it a huge world of languages, knowledge and science that go with it to the last limits of dream, work and knowledge, but we do not dissolve in it!

All this is what the image of the crown prince, the role model, expressed most, so that together, we can draw the features of a new image in Saudi history.

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