Rashed Al Majid mounts his mother in a touching scene – thought and art – stars and celebrities


A touching scene documenting the moments of the burial of the mother of the Saudi artist Rashid Al Majid, his head appeared on the squares of social communication, in which Al Majid appeared crouching in the dirt next to his mother’s grave, in which he appeared to cry among the voices of mourners, and those who gathered around his mother’s grave during her burial in the Muharraq cemetery in the Kingdom of Bahrain Where the clip received remarkable sympathy on the arenas of social media, at a time when the pioneers of these sites circulated a group of pictures that document the funeral of Al-Majed to his mother.

The appearance of this scene came at a time when a large number of stars and celebrities in the Gulf and the Arab arena continued to offer condolences to the Saudi artist, among them the Emirati artist Ahlam, who tweeted on Twitter, saying: “May God improve your condolences, my dear brother Rashid, and force your heart in our dear security, my Lord. Have mercy on her and improve her and make these days the best of her days, and replace her with a house that is better than her home, and her family is better than her people, and make her grave a meadow from the garden of paradise. He is pregnant with his mother’s coffin.

On the same line, Emirati journalist Saleh Al Jasmi, brother of the artist Hussein Al Jasmi, who broadcast on Twitter a video clip, documenting the moment when the coffin was carried to his final resting place, and Al-Jasmi wrote on his Twitter account: “May God forgive her and have mercy on her and prove her when asked and enlighten her grave,” adding : “The burial of the artist Rashid Al Majid’s mother, may God have mercy on her, in Bahrain a short while ago, a scene that brought back to my mind painful memories of my mother’s death and her burial in Khorfakkan 18 years ago, may God be patient with them.”

In this context, the artist Abadi Al-Jawhar, through his Twitter account, offered his deepest condolences to his colleague Al-Majid, where he tweeted: “My sincerest condolences and sympathy to my brother Rashid Al-Majid on the death of his mother. I ask God Almighty to inspire him and his family with patience and solace and to dwell in her spaciousness.”

The matter also applies to the artist Fayez al-Maliki and the management of the Rotana company, who tweeted: “My sincere condolences and sympathy to the artist Rashid Al Majid on the death of the late his mother, and our condolences to his generous family, asking God Almighty to cover her with the mercy of his mercy and inspire her family and her relatives patience and solace.”



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