Rania Youssef’s Court set February 21 for corruption and indecent act!


The Egyptian actress Rania Youssef is considered one of the most controversial artists in several situations, most notably her talk about her charms in one of the TV interviews, as well as her dresses that she wore on the red carpet, which Egyptian society considered “shameless”.

Accused of “committing the crime of blatant public action, corruption and contempt of religions,” the Egyptian Misdemeanor Court, on Thursday, set the February 21 session for the trial of actress Rania Youssef.

Today, Thursday, the Qasr al-Nil Misdemeanor Court set a session for next February 21 to try Rania Youssef.

A number of lawyers filed 8 complaints against the Egyptian actress, due to her recent television statements, which they considered shameful.

Rania Youssef confirmed in statements to the Egyptian newspaper “Al Youm Al Sabea” that she was shocked by the Iraqi satellite’s question about her “charms”, and she did not know at the time how she should respond to the broadcaster, so she decided to replace the answer with a joke, which was shown in “Promo” The episode and caused the crisis.

And she added: “After the promo was launched, I felt that there was a trap, as if the broadcaster was plotting a trap for me because all the time the questions were like this because the promo carries excitement.”

She added that when she heard the first question from the broadcaster about her “charms,” she thought about stopping the interview and withdrawing, but she told herself that he was a guest in her country and was coming from Iraq specially for her, and “she was afraid that her rejectionist position might create problems with a brother country,” according to her saying.

Rania Youssef stressed that she is not one of the artists who stipulates reading the questions of media interviews before conducting them, because if she did, she would not be natural and would become artificial in her responses.

Rania Youssef spoke in “Promo” for a television interview that was held with her for the Iraqi “Al-Rasheed” satellite channel, and it was shown in full on the first days of 2021, that she is not alone in highlighting her charms in artistic festivals, but there are other artists who do so, according to the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan.

It is noteworthy that Rania Youssef began to cause controversy on social media since 2018, specifically after her appearance at the closing ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival.


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