Rania Youssef with a winter view and a romantic photo on Instagram: “Another chance in life”


The star Rania Youssef shared her followers through her Instagram account with a new picture of her, and Rania appeared in the picture with a winter look, and Rania wrote: “Another day is another blessing and another opportunity in life that does not take anything for granted and thought of every soul as a gift.”

Raniya Yousif
Raniya Yousif

The star Rania Youssef said to “The Seventh Day”, commenting on the determination of the Qasr al-Nil Misdemeanor Prosecution for a session on February 21, to review its first trial sessions, “I trust the Egyptian judiciary and its command at any time. Ready and confident in the judges of Egypt. ”

A lawyer had filed a complaint against Rania Youssef, indicating in his lawsuit that in one of the television interviews the amount against her appeared in a television interview, and she talked about the prominence of her buttocks, and the Misdemeanor Prosecution has set Qasr El Nil, the session of February 21, for the first hearing of the trial of the artist Rania Youssef, for her The crime of indecent public act, corruption, contempt of religions and the publication of false statements


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