Rania Youssef, “I dealt spontaneously … and the broadcaster harassed me.”


It seems that the Egyptian actress Rania Youssef and her controversial statements will continue, especially after she made some statements during the past hours and talked about her butt in a blatant manner that was rejected by many.

Rania spoke about the veil and stated that it is not an obligation, stressing that the wives of the sheikhs of Al-Azhar were not veiled and that if the veil was an obligation, it would have been imposed on them 1450 years ago, according to (Al Jamila).After these statements, she was subjected to violent criticism, and many social media users called for her imprisonment and severe punishment for her religious statements, and that lawyers interested in insulting the Islamic religion must file reports against her. Rania came out in media statements to justify the reason for her statements and said: “She deals Very spontaneous and kind. ”

She added, “Her daughters assured her that the question that she received about her buttocks was nothing but harassment, and she should not have completed the dialogue with the broadcaster, explaining that she was well-intentioned in her responses and did not expect this episode to release the butt section.”

The artist Hassan Youssef had a frank position on those statements, and she said in press statements that the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions and Dr. Asher Zaki, the head of the Artists Syndicate, must investigate this matter because what Rania Youssef says does not only offend her, but also offends all artists.


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