Rania Youssef faces the ghost of imprisonment


A new case faced by the Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef, after she appeared about two weeks ago on a TV program, in which she spoke very boldly, which caused a wave of anger against her, and the submission of a judicial report.

Indeed, the Qasr al-Nil Misdemeanor Prosecution has set February 21 to hold the first session of the trial of the artist, Rania Youssef, on charges of blatant public action, corruption and contempt of religions, after an Egyptian lawyer filed a complaint against her.

The lawyer based his lawsuit on the appearance of Rania Youssef on a program with an Iraqi broadcaster, and her speech in a way that some saw inappropriate, after the conversation touched her body, and she used a misplaced Quranic verse during the conversation.

The artist’s talk caused widespread controversy with the presentation of the program’s episodes, which prompted her to go out and talk about its exploitation by the Iraqi broadcaster, after she said that he “ambushed” her.

She indicated that she was drawn in to talk about these matters, and that she was afraid of not answering the questions, causing an Egyptian-Iraqi crisis, which prompted her to complete the interview.

Rania Youssef tried to defend her use of the Qur’anic verse in the television interview, explaining that she was not trying to justify what she was talking about, especially since some misunderstood what she wanted to deliver.

Days after the interview, the Iraqi broadcaster came out to apologize for what was mentioned in the episode, and caused the anger of the Arab audience for what was mentioned in the program.

This will not be the first time that Rania Youssef faces a judicial crisis because of her appearance, as the matter has been repeated a lot before, and perhaps the most prominent thing that happened in this matter is her appearance in an inappropriate dress at the opening of the Cairo Film Festival in the previous session.

The nude dress caused her to be sued by an Egyptian lawyer, before the investigation into the case was finally saved.

Rania Youssef also had a famous crisis years ago with her ex-husband. She entered into a quarrel with the father of her two daughters, the producer, Muhammad Mukhtar, and accused him of refraining from spending on his two daughters, before she alone assumed responsibility for them, and then became controversial in every appearance of her.

A few months ago, Rania Youssef tried to take a new path in the face of harassment crimes, after she published, through her accounts on social media, pictures of people she said had harassed her, and confirmed that she would take this approach to confront them.


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