Rajeh Daoud: The popular music heritage is in a “shabby” state and action must be taken to protect it


Musician Rajeh Daoud confirmed that the music industry in Egypt is huge and large, but random and unorganized, pointing out that songs are the only thing that regulates what they own in producers, authors and distributors, but not all songs represent a small part of the music nor do they represent the entire music.

“Daoud” added during his meeting with “Qaswa Al Khalali” media in the “Evening with Quswa” program, broadcast on TV “Ten”, That folk music is in a deplorable state, and there must be cultural institutions to take care of this heritage, which must be preserved as history.

He pointed out that any opera in the world has large and huge cultural institutions to spend on these institutions, stressing that governments in various countries of the world work to support music, pointing out that this support is an investment to preserve art, which is a great benefit for the state and its culture..

Daoud explained that the Egyptian regions need support for music and the arts, because of their great importance and for preserving the Egyptian identity..

Musician Rajeh Daoud revealed his opinion about festivals and popular songs, pointing out that he is not against them because he believes that they are like a wave.

He added that festivals are not described as popular singing, because folk art is art that has no owner, but it exists and is inherited, pointing out that once the owner of the art knew it, it did not become popular singing.

He pointed out that every 10 years a new wave of singing appears, but it cannot withstand, indicating that it is a wave that takes a period of time and stops, and after a period a new wave appears.

He explained that modern technologies and social media are encouraged, pointing out that he sees festivals as an expression of freedom, even if this expression is wrong, but the day will come when he chooses its owner.


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