Qusay Khouli “No judgment against him”


The Syrian star Qusay Khouli was keen to share with his audience some of the scenes of his new series, No Judgment, which is currently shown on the Shahid platform, and Qusay published a snapshot of the scenes of the work through the story feature in which he appeared from inside the prison.

It is noteworthy that the series “No Judgment” starring Qusay Khouli, Valerie Abu Shakra, Carlos Azar, Fadi Ibrahim, Karen Salama, Sahar Fawzi, Tony Issa, Eli Mitri, Abdo Shaheen, Carol Hajj and others.

It is written, screenplay and dialogue by Bilal Shehadat and Nadine Jaber, and it consists of 15 episodes, directed by the Lebanese Philip Asmar, and it is produced by the “Al Sabah” company.

As for the story of the series “No sentencing,” it revolves around the life of a young man who is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his mother and her husband. After five years of imprisonment, a lawyer appears and says that she carries evidence proving his innocence of the charges for which he was imprisoned.


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