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Trump is gone! … Several days have passed since the former president of the United States left his post, leaving four years of controversy unprecedented in the history of the United States of America, between a supporter and an enthusiast for him and those who rejected him for a second term, and the controversy raised by the former president was not limited to American citizens Not only inside and outside the United States, but occupying the whole world from east to west and north to south; The policies and speeches of the former president affected many countries, and Trump did not leave one of the issues he dealt with except for controversy, thus creating an era and stage in history that the world has not experienced before. Some even coined a new term for the direction that Trump created in The political scientist, “Trumpism,” which is a modern philosophy specific to Trump, quoting his system of government and the way he administers state affairs.Certainly, the great controversy that Trump raised was due to many of his decisions, most of which were in the spheres of politics and economics, and no one knows precisely why he failed to run for a second term, and is this due to the voter’s hatred and rejection of his policies, or because of these voters’ conviction of the party’s electoral program. The Democrat opposed to his Republican party, but many analysts and politicians from both parties believe that the former president is a victim of his unbalanced statements, as the former president was speaking courageously, indifferent to the media monitoring him, and indifferent to those who opposed his policies and eager to follow his mistakes and mistakes, which made him always in the crosshairs. .

Perhaps Trump’s achievements, especially at the level of the American economy, can be summarized in his creation of many job opportunities for a large number of Americans, as for his interest in raising the salaries and wages of the working classes, it was evident, in addition to his confrontation with the Chinese genius, which many Americans see as his military and intelligence influence increased recently. In addition, the United States did not enter into any actual wars during his presidency, on the contrary, Trump’s keenness to withdraw his soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, and in the Middle East region, the former president was clear without evading his dealings with the Iranian regime by not being convinced of the nuclear agreement and its tightening. To the economic sanctions against him, to force him to comply with the decisions of the international community related to his nuclear program.

The former president’s presidential term may have been a tug of war between supporters and opponents, but until the last moments the former president had strong support from some deputies inside the Capitol corridors, and he had a chance to run for a second term in 2024, but the straw that broke the camel’s back And the fire that devoured his record of achievement was the storming of his supporters into the building that Americans consider the symbol of American democracy, and thus Trump provided an opportunity for a lifetime to all his opponents to distort his record of achievements, and to prevent him from returning to the White House in any upcoming presidential elections.

Trump does not want to leave office – even in his last moments – without sparking more controversy and excitement, for despite his acquiescence and his promise that the transfer of power will take place in a peaceful manner, his insistence not to attend the inauguration of his successor Joe Biden threw more oil on the burning flames. And it is a position that the major legislative institutions in the United States fear of its consequences, in addition to the fact that Trump does not recognize the integrity of the elections, this step would irritate the public loyal to him, which resulted in the declaration of a state of utmost caution – security – to avoid any riots or chaos. On that historic day.

Certainly, former President Trump has great self-confidence, and although self-confidence is often required, persistence in it and unjustifiably may turn it into a destructive element for the person himself and his institutions, especially if it clashed with established American values ​​for centuries. And despite the many accomplishments of the former president’s period, which he culminated in externally, with his successful efforts to strangle the tyrannical regime in Tehran and get rid of the most terrorist advocates such as Qassem Soleimani and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, all this did not enable him to achieve the political victory he was seeking. To him, Trump could not leave quietly and let his achievements speak on his behalf, he was unable to leave his post with the love of the public and crowned with his undeniable accomplishments. .

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