Qatar announces its willingness to mediate in order to settle the tension between Saudi Arabia and Turkey


Qatar announces its willingness to mediate in order to settle the tension between Saudi Arabia and Turkey



The Special Envoy of the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs for Combating Terrorism and Mediation in Settlement of Disputes, Mutlaq Al-Qahtani, expressed his country’s readiness to mediate between Turkey and Saudi Arabia to resolve the existing tension in their relations.

Al-Qahtani said, during his participation in a symposium entitled “Policy and Experience of the State of Qatar in Mediation and Conflict Resolution” organized by the non-governmental Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Monday: “Qatar possesses vital and strategic sources of income, and is located in an important vital, geopolitical and economic region, and at the same time, it is located in An inflamed region and in a state of semi-permanent tension from some regional powers, in addition to being located between two neighboring countries that have challenges between them, Saudi Arabia and Iran, all of this has prompted Qatar to adopt an independent and neutral policy that believes in dialogue, good offices, mediation, negotiations, preventive diplomacy, and the settlement of disputes and crises by peaceful means. This became a strategic choice for the State of Qatar. ”

In response to a question about Qatar’s willingness to mediate and ease tensions between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Al-Qahtani said: “This is due to the principle of consent as a fundamental principle in international relations.”

The Qatari official added, “If these two countries (Saudi Arabia and Turkey) see that Qatar has a role in this mediation, then it is possible to do so.”

Al-Qahtani added, “It is in everyone’s interest that there be friendly relations between these countries, especially between basic and major countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran.”

He also noted that “Qatar played a major diplomatic role” between the United States and Turkey to calm tensions that occurred between the two countries.

Since July 5, 2017, the Gulf region has witnessed internal tensions against the backdrop of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt severing their relations with Qatar, and stopping sea, land and air traffic with the emirate, which the four countries accused of “supporting terrorism” and turning away from the Arab region towards Iran and Turkey. To the outbreak of a political crisis between the aforementioned countries, in addition to a broad media war.

In a major breakthrough to settle this crisis, the Gulf Cooperation Council states and Egypt adopted, at the summit hosted by the Saudi city of Al-Ula on January 5th, a statement affirming the “unity of the Gulf ranks” and laying down basic principles for resolving tension.

Source: Agencies


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