Qamar was killed by her two brothers … a crime shaking Saudi Arabia, and the victim’s friend tells the details


Social networking sites in Saudi Arabia have been buzzing with the case of the young woman, Qamar, who was killed by her two brothers after being kidnapped to an unknown location for five days, according to what is being circulated.

The first hashtag # Lord_Taf_Bahl_Qamar, after a Twitter account bearing the name of Manal (who identifies herself as the victim’s sister) launched a campaign to reveal the fate of her sister, who disappeared and her brother Ahmed and Nasser.

Manal published several videos, most notably of her mother’s voice, asking one of her brothers to return the moon to the house.

Hours after the marking was launched, the victim was found killed by strangulation, according to Manal, who released an audio recording of her mother in distress after hearing the news.

Manal released the hashtag # The Blind_Qamar_We demand_qasas, to demand the punishment of the brothers “Ahmed” and “Nasser”, which was not clear if they were arrested, noting that several photos and videos were published claiming to be of the two brothers as they continue their lives normally.

A young man also appeared in another video, who said that he is the brother of the victim, as the young man defends himself from the accusations.

Manal pointed out that “the reason behind this crime, which took place between the governorates of Al-Kharj and Al-Wajh and the city of Riyadh, is the General Moon account (anyone can browse it) on the Snapchat application.”

Al-Hurra tried to contact Manal several times, but she did not respond to any of the messages. A friend of the victim confirmed (who refused to reveal her name), that “Qamar (28 years old) was killed by her brother Ahmed, who incited their brother Nasser to kidnap her, and then deliberately strangled her.”

Regarding the circumstances of the crime and its background, the victim’s friend said, “Ahmed’s wife, Annan, informed him that the Qamar account on Snapchat was public and that privacy was not activated, which prompted him to commit this heinous crime.”

She pointed out that “Qamar was suffering from the violence and cruelty of her two brothers.”

Qamar’s friend demanded that the two brothers be punished with maximum penalties, saying: “They should be punished with death, an eye for an eye, and the soul must be in the spirit, even if there is any family concession on this issue.”

Social media ignited about the case, and some demanded that a police complaint be filed, while some objected to “exaggerating the case,” and others called for preserving the family’s privacy and not going into details.

And the matter reached that some of the tweeters doubted the crime, considering that “feminists” are behind this story for a purpose in themselves.

On the other hand, there has not yet been any official comment from the Saudi security authorities, and the family has also not announced a lawsuit.


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