Putin outlines economic goals for Russia


Putin outlines economic goals for Russia


Photo from the archive – Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed the importance of putting the Russian economy on a sustainable development path, not just returning macroeconomic indicators to their level before the Corona crisis.

“It is important not only to return the main macroeconomic indicators to the pre-crisis (pandemic) level, but also to enter the path of sustainable development,” Putin said during a government meeting held today, Thursday, on economic issues.

He pointed out that this goal applies to the social field, demography, environment and other important areas, and not only to the national economy.

With regard to the year 2020, the Russian president said that the Russian economy during the past year declined by a smaller percentage, compared to many developed and developing countries, but he indicated that inflation has accelerated in the country.

Putin indicated that a number of macroeconomic indicators in Russia returned at the end of last year to their levels before the Corona pandemic.

However, inflation accelerated at the end of last year, as it exceeded the target level by the Russian Central Bank, reaching 4.9%, while prices for a certain group of commodities, including foodstuffs, increased by 6.7%.

Source: Novosti


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