Public Prosecution clarifies the crime of money laundering – UAE – News and Reports


The Public Prosecution Office of the State, through a tweet published today, Friday, on its social media accounts @uae_pp, provided clarifications about the crime of money laundering, as part of its keenness to enhance the legal culture among all members of society, and raise the level of public awareness of the laws.

The Public Prosecution noted that according to Article 2 of Federal Decree-Law No. 20 of 2018 regarding countering money laundering crimes and combating the financing of terrorism and financing illegal organizations, which stipulated that a money laundering crime is committed by anyone who is aware that the funds are obtained from a felony or misdemeanor, He intentionally committed one of the following acts:

a. Transferring proceeds or carrying out any process with the intent to conceal or disguise their unlawful source.

B. He concealed or camouflaged the reality of proceeds, their source, location, method of disposition, movement, ownership or rights related to them.

C. Acquired, possessed, or used the proceeds upon receipt. Helping the perpetrator of the predicate offense escape punishment.

The money laundering crime is considered an independent crime. Punishing the perpetrator of the predicate offense does not prevent him from being punished for the money laundering crime.

A conviction for the predicate offense is not required to prove the illicit source of the proceeds.



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