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At the highest peak on the Al-Hada Mountains and in a look that I threw to the range, there I felt that I had dominated the world as a Saudi, the place was beautiful to the extent of sedition, urging the poem to improvise and draw the fingers to paint and wash away the sadness of the sad and the joy of all your cells and more.All that beauty is only scratched by its lack of public services, from toilets to safe places for people with special needs and others, where you can only find carts selling tea and corn. I was wondering at the time, where are the public services for such a beautiful and captivating place ?! How much more charming place in my country lacks public services?

In fact, we have public services on travel routes and in public places, some of which do not exist, and some of the available services lack interest, care, and readiness to receive tourists, visitors, and transients, and need periodic maintenance. Therefore, I see the shortest solution to complete the system of caring for it and expand the establishment of public services is the allocation of public services. Meaning that these services are operated by national companies or individual citizens who have the desire to form their own projects towards that and under government supervision and according to the development system defined by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Inevitably, the system of privatizing public services will contribute to benefiting from national cadres and operating them in tourist sites, thus saving time and effort in caring for these places and their cleanliness. Especially the mosques that are located in tourist places and public roads full of travelers and visitors, as the entity assigned to it can intensify its care and organization of these mosques, and it can take advantage and invest the spaces around these mosques for the benefit of them, and there will be an investment opportunity that supports the national economic movement within the country and contribute In the rehabilitation and development of public services in accordance with the ambitions of the Saudi vision towards smart cities, in addition to reducing the burden of spending on the state budget, reducing the volume of spending, reducing dependence on government support, and increasing the level of tourism development.

In conclusion: I return to the highest peak of Al-Hada and invite you to experience the different feeling that you will only get out of with a different poem.

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