President of Brazil: False “Ford”!


President of Brazil: Corporation

Reuters CLH / KK / ANT

One of Ford’s cars

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro accused, on Tuesday, the US automaker, “Ford” of lying about the reason for closing its factories in the country.

“I regret losing 5,000 people their jobs … But what does Ford want? They lied, they want financial subsidies,” he said, while leaving his presidential palace in Brasilia, pointing out that the company wants subsidies of $ 3.8 billion, which he refuses.

The company’s employees were surprised by announcing the closure of its factories in the country on Monday, while thousands protested against the decision.

And the company’s branch in Brazil attributed the reason for the closure of factories to the Corona pandemic, which caused a significant decline in sales, which led to huge losses.

Source: RT


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