Pictures .. Two dwarf giraffes in Uganda and Namibia surprise scientists


The giraffe is distinguished by its long stature, which enables it to pick up the leaves from the top of the trees, but scientists were confused after finding two dwarf giraffes in two different places on the African continent..

“What our researchers found on the ground is amazing, we are very surprised,” Julian Vinici, co-founder of Giraffe Conservation, told Reuters in a video link on Friday.“.

Most giraffes grow to between 4.5 and 6 meters, but in 2018, scientists working with the foundation found a giraffe two meters and 60 centimeters long in Namibia. Three years before that, they discovered a giraffe just two meters and 80 centimeters high in a wildlife park in Uganda, and scientists published their findings in the British Medical Journal at the end of last month..

The magazine said that the two giraffes had a known long neck, but their legs were short and chunky. There is a medical condition known as (skeletal dysplasia) between humans and pets, but the newspaper said that it is rare to see it in wild animals..

Footage filmed by the Ugandan Association showed the giraffe standing on thick, tight-knit legs in a savanna plains of Murchison Falls National Park in northern Uganda, while another giraffe was walking behind it with the usual long legs, and Vinici said it would be impossible for the giraffes to breed with other giraffes of normal size..

The number of the tallest mammal in the world has decreased by about 40 percent over the past 30 years to about 111,000 giraffes, so environmentalists classify the four giraffe breeds as “at risk.”“، Finici said conservation efforts have helped start the numbers increase in the past decade.

Dwarf giraffe
Two dwarf giraffes, Uganda and Namibia (1)
Two dwarf giraffes in Uganda and Namibia
Dwarf giraffe
Two dwarf giraffes, Uganda and Namibia (2)
Two dwarf giraffes
Two dwarf giraffes, Uganda and Namibia (3)
Two dwarf giraffes baffle scholars


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