Pictures of Najwa Karam and Anabella Hilal were photographed in Dubai the past week


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In the past week, the Lebanese star Najwa Karam performed at the Dubai World Trade Center stage, presented by Annabella Hilal, as part of the activities of the Dubai Shopping and Tourism Festival, which was launched weeks ago. Najwa Karam and Anabella Hilal looked two lustrous blokes. They were somewhat similar in terms of the tight fit of the dress and its shiny fabric, but they differed in terms of shape and color. See below, the details and photos of Najwa Karam and Anabella Hilal’s looks in Dubai.

While performing at a concert at the Dubai World Trade Center, Najwa Karam wore a strapless dress by Rami Kadi. The design was distinguished by its narrow fit, especially at the waist, and the bright beads that adorned it completely. Also, another detail that made her look even more attractive was the bow-knot at the back that attached to a long tail. Her look is completed with a long feather scarf and diamond jewelery from Yessayan Jewelry. From the aesthetic point of view, Najwa Karam wore a wavy hairstyle, and she used strong makeup based on black eyeliner and neutral lipstick.

During the concert in Dubai, Annabella Hilal wore a red dress by Yousef Al Jasmi. The design was characterized by its narrow cut and the fabric that came in the form of voids, as it was fully decorated with shiny beads. Aesthetically, Annabella Hilal wore a sleek hairstyle and resorted to makeup based on colored eyeshadows and neutral lipstick.

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