Pictures … McGregor’s loss arouses mockery of social media users


Pictures ... McGregor's loss arouses mockery of social media users


Social media users showed no mercy through their comments and mockery, which targeted the Irish fighter, Conor McGregor, after his defeat by American Dustin Poirier in the retaliatory fight, on Sunday.

It was not surprising that McGregor was ridiculed, who was known for his sarcastic manner and for speaking about his opponents in an abusive way and describing them as trash.

So it was not surprising that the haters of the Irish fighter came out into the open when he lost in the second round by knockout to American Poirier, in their match in Abu Dhabi in the UFC 257 mixed martial arts tournament, prompting many tweeters on “Twitter” to seize the opportunity and arouse laughter of followers.

Someone linked pictures of McGregor unconscious in the battlefield, sarcastically (a meme) of elderly US Senator, Bernie Sanders, at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, to mock the Irish fighter who suffered his first knockout loss during his MMA career, accompanied by the famous caption : “The Internet is unbeaten.”

Another asked, “How is Conor McGregor going back from all this? Money can’t delete these memes (pictures), man.”

And the pictures and sarcastic comments about the fighter, who suffered a fifth defeat in 27 battles, during his career.

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Watch .. McGregor emerges after a fight with Poirier on a crutch

MacGregor, 32, the UFC champion of two different wins, had previously knocked out Poirier in the first round of their first fight in September 2014.

Source: RT


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