Our modernity blows the news … Our vaccine is effective against the mutated strain – Covid-19


The American biotechnology company Moderna announced in a statement, today, Monday, that the vaccine against Covid-19 it developed is still effective against the British and South African mutated versions of the virus.

And she confirmed at the end of the experiments that experts expect the vaccine to protect against infection of the “mutated versions discovered to date.” Moderna explains that it has developed an additional dose to increase protection since mutated copies.

Several countries in Europe had recorded cases of the fast-spreading new strain of Corona virus, which had recently appeared in Britain.

The Moderna vaccine is distinguished from the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine in that it can be stored in regular refrigerators and does not require an ultra-cold transport network, which makes it more accessible for small facilities and remote areas.

The Moderna vaccine needs to be stored at a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius, for a period of 30 days, while the Pfizer vaccine needs to be minus 60 degrees Celsius, to store it for the same period.

The effectiveness of Moderna vaccine against Covid-19 exceeded 94 percent, and is obtained at least two weeks after the second dose, according to a document issued by an advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration.



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