OnePlus 9 phones will come with disappointing cameras in the country


Leaks revealed that the OnePlus 9 range of phones, which will be launched by the Chinese company OnePlus in the coming weeks, will come with disappointing cameras, as phones will not be issued with lenses to zoom.
According to 9to5Google, the OnePlus 9 phones will lack periscope zooms in the camera, so you will not be able to compete with the Galaxy S21 phones, which came with a telephoto lens with a 30X space zoom.

The zoom lenses that the Galaxy S21 came with, or that of Huawei phones, are high-resolution lenses that can collect all image details and capture the largest amount of light possible.

The phones will have 4 basic rear cameras that will come with a 50-megapixel camera with an f / 1.9 lens slot, a 20-megapixel cinema camera, a 16-megapixel camera with an f / 1.8 lens slot and a 12-megapixel telephoto camera with an OIS sensor, autofocus and f / 3.4 aperture. The fourth camera will be 12 megapixel, also with LED flash.

The screen of OnePlus 9 phones will be 6.7 inches, Full HD + quality, 2400 x 1080 pixel resolution, 120 Hz screen refresh rate per second, and a fingerprint sensor under the screen, and the phones are expected to be issued on the front camera technology under the screen.

The OnePlus 9 Pro will contain a 5000 mAh battery, and will support 40-watt wireless charging in addition to 65-watt wired charging, which will help phones to fully charge the battery in less than 30 minutes, with a USB-C charging port.

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